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We believe that what we offer is unique. Our designs are developed in Germany and Australia, using the latest manufacturing concepts and safety standards.

PremiumLift is part of Coda Furniture Holdings Pty Ltd, having over 500 thousand square meters of production space in three locations around the world. This is why we are able to combine advanced quality systems with the low manufacturing costs, enabling us to provide cost savings as well as high quality trouble free products.

What makes us different?

Well, the Australian healthcare manufactory industry often prefers to design a strong product instead of a nice looking product. This wasn’t enough for PremiumLift! Our products are manufactured with long lasting materials and at the same time they have innovative and modern look. PremiumLift design is not only a matter of appearance but also it affects the capacity of offering user friendly and functional products.

We quickly discovered that carers and users alike are tired of buying substandard beds with limited functions, clinical look and unsafe design. They told us that poorly designed beds can influence mood, behaviour and most importantly the desire to interact with friends or family. This can play a negative impact on recovery so we decided to start from scratch and design a new bed that will assist carers with everyday tasks and bring a new level of confidence and dignity to the user.

PremiumLift Electric Beds are suitable for residential aged care facilities, retirement homes and assisted living solutions. The modern ‘column-less’ design and unique features offers 12 pre-set positions and over 60 position combinations, including the popular Zero Gravity and Trendelenburg functions. This bed will promote the carer’s wellbeing, prevent injury and offer a memorable patient experiences and life-changing care.

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