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Quality You Can Trust

PremiumLift products are designed in Germany and manufactured with long lasting materials and at the same time they have innovative and modern look. Our products are designed with people’s comfort and safety in mind and backed by 10 year limited warranty and are available Australia wide.


Built to Last

Ultra Low Bed

Australia Lowest Aged Care Bed

Only 6.7cm from the floor ensuring complete user and patient safety and assist carers with everyday tasks…

Deluxe Floor Bed

Australia Lowest Home Care Bed 

 18cm from the floor level and over 60 position combinations offering a life-changing experiance…

Ultra Low Care Bed

Ultra Low Bed with Fabric Boards

Beige and Grey upholstered panels will bring a new level of confidence and dignity to the user…

 Low Low Bed

Australia Lowest Disability Bed

Designed to encourage the healing process by reducing discomfort and preventing bed-fall injuries…

Overbed Table

PremiumLift Overbed Table unique design has an Auto-lift mechanism allowing the patient
to effortlessly raise the table top from any position.

Bedside Locker

Modern, lightweight and feature-rich cabinet is designed for Hospitals and Aged Care facilities.  Featuring, lockable storage for medication or valuable personal belongings

Bed Accessories

PremiumLift offers plenty of user friendly accessories that can be easily fitted to the bed offering the ultimate customer experience and bring a new level of confidence and to the user…

Bed Extensions

PremiumLift King Single Kit can be easily connected to your existing single size bed. Quickly convert your Single bed into a King Single size without having to buy a new bed…

Spare Parts

When repairs are needed, using genuine spare parts can help prevent further problems from developing, allowing customers to gain the most value from their original investment….

Static Mattresses

We understand that recovery is extremely important among elders. PremiumLift mattresses will allow the person you love to rest with comfort and security…

Alternating Mattresses

AirCare offer a wide range of active mattresses designed to meet your needs. Designed to provide a very high degree of pressure relief whilst protecting the user…


Our focus is to provide you a complete package. PremiumLift bed straightforward design allow maintenance and repairs to be completed without a technician…

Electric Backrest

This unique electric bed backrest will transform your standard bed into an adjustable bed. At the push of a button, you will be able to sit or lie down on the mattress independently.

Compression Therapy

AirCare Max-2 is an effective treatment for pain and swelling caused by conditions associated with poor circulation, such as chronic venous insufficiency and varicose veins.

Companion Bed

Deluxe Companion Bed allows the caregiver or family member to sleep next to Deluxe Floor Bed. Deluxe Companion Bed is not adjustable offering a cost effective and practical…

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