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AirCare Max-Pro

High Quality Alternating Air Mattress Digital Pump

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AirCare Max-Pro

Ultra Quite Alternating Air Mattress Pump

The Max-Pro Pump is AirCare high quality digital pump.
It is easy to use and features an L.E.D display, lock-out mode, static mode, maxi-firm mode and four-cycle times. It also has
visual and audible alarms for low pressure and power failure.
It has a very high capacity, fitting all our active mattresses including our bariatric range.

Pump Features
✓ Ultra-Quite Pump System
✓ User-Friendly Smart Operation Panel
✓ Cycle Times: 6/9/12/25 Minutes
✓ Static & Max Inflate mode for cares use
✓ Adjustable user comfort level (kg)
✓ Digital pressure level indicator
✓ Low pressure and power failure alarm
✓ Quick connect and release plug
✓ Rapid release CPR valve for quick deflating
✓ Wireless Remote Control

Pump Specifications
User Weight: 30kg to 210kg
Voltage: 220-240v / 50Hz
Pressure Range: 30-70 mmHg
Pump Weight: 2.5kg
Warranty: 2 Year Limited
Pump Dimensions: 345 x 115 x 185mm

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