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Ultra Safe Design

Are you afraid of falling out of bed?

PremiumLift Ultra Low Bed is a unique system, which allows the platform to be lowered to as little as 6.7cm from the floor and equipped with a state of the art Anti-Entrapment System.

This safety mechanism will automatically reduce the lowering speed when the bed reaches 120mm from floor level, to allow the operation to be stopped and the bed raised before any limb or object becomes trapped, ensuring complete user and patient safety. Ultra Low Bed is ideal for all aged care residents in particular End Of Life, Palliative, Dementia and Disabled patients.

PremiumLift Ultra Low Bed is backed by a 10 year limited warranty and available in King Single Size.


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Safety Standards & Benefits


German Quality

Developed in Germany by our experienced team of engineers and product specialists


TGA Approved

PremiumLift products are entered in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods


ISO Certified

ISO 13485 ability to provide medical devices that meet international regulatory requirements


Safety & Warranty

Designed with people’s comfort and safety in mind and backed by 10 year limited warranty


Service & Maintenance

Our products are serviced and maintained Australia wide though our distributors network


Fast Delivery

Once you’ve made your selection, we can offer you a fast turnaround, flexible delivery times

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Why should you buy our Ultra Low Bed?

.The lowest height of a aged care bed should not be underestimated. 

If facilities purchase floor level beds in order to decrease the risk of falls injuries they should be guided to purchase the lowest possible bed rather than trying to purchase a bed that lowers to 10cm or higher in the hope that it could serve as an all purpose bed as this would not be a viable alternative and would lead to more expense as lower beds would still need to be purchased.

There is a significant difference in impact force by increasing the height from 6.7cm to 10cm above the ground.
The increase in the impact force would suggest the likelihood of far greater injuries based on the height of the fall. Furthermore, the increase in fall velocity, even from a relatively small height of 10cm increase, suggests the types of injuries sustained from a higher platform may be far greater in number and severity. 

PremiumLift Ultra Low Bed is the lowest aged care bed in Australia with a minimum height of just 6.7cm from the ground and fitted with an Anti-Entrapment Safety Mechanism.

Let us take care of the one you love!

PremiumLift Ultra Low Bed is the ultimate in low level beds, designed in Germany to the higher quality specification. It offers a variety of functions including Trendelenburg and cardiac chair position allowing for excellent care to be provided. It is an optimal floor level bed solution for use both for home care and aged care facilities. Its minimum height from the floor is just 6.7cm ensuring complete patient safety, should the user be inclined to roll whilst in bed, and potentially fall, the bed reduces impact and allows the user to safely roll onto the floor, or a fall matt.

Our goal is to deliver state of art healthcare products that will improve the lives of people in Australia!

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